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Women’s Bible Study – “The Daniel Prayer”

“Prayer That Moves Heaven and Changes Nations”

On behalf of Danell and the Woman’s Ministry at Old Paths we want to go through a study together during this time! We recognize that every woman might be in different places… but if you feel lead and would like to grow in your walk as a group during this time, please join us!

We are going to go through the material provided by Anne Graham Lotz titled “The Daniel Prayer Study Guide – “Prayer That Moves Heaven and Changes Nations”. Because of copyright issues, we cannot post the actual study materials here, but you can purchase the materials online (DVDs, book form, Kindle, etc…) We will also provide some resource links below to the materials which are located on Amazon

Every person can do as they feel lead, however we wanted to have a group study time every Monday night at 6:30 pm on ZOOM. If you would like to be apart of this discussion on the Bible study and materials, please download the ZOOM app from the links also located below.

Prayer That Moves Heaven and Changes Nations

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