Wes Bentley – Far Reaching Ministries

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  • Sunday | August 2, 2020
  • 10:00 am
  • Old Paths Chapel 181 S Main St Perry NY

Wes Bentley – Far Reaching Ministries will be speaking this Sunday August 2nd.

Wes, a former Marine, and Founder/CEO of Far Reaching Ministries (FRM) has been ministering to the people of the Sudan by raising up Chaplains solders who share the Word of God and many times lay down there lives for Christ and their brethren.

About FRM: Chaplains are taught verse-by-verse through the entire Bible. The Bible training curriculum is instructor led by senior chaplains and pastors from America volunteering to go to Sudan each year to teach these brave men of God.

Upon graduation, chaplains are deployed to front line battle unit, as well as non-combat units. Chaplains deployed to front line combat zones promote human rights, ensure the well-being of prisoners of war (POW), serve as clergy to wounded or dying soldiers, evangelize, disciple Christian soldiers, teach bible studies, conduct church services, as well as serve as spiritual mentors and counselors. Chaplains are responsible for advising commanders, when called upon, for religious and ethical issues. Chaplains also function as clergy in villages, assist wounded and dying civilians, assist in humanitarian efforts, plant churches, teach bible studies, hold evangelical outreaches by showing the Jesus Film, and conduct church services.

Currently we have over 70 chaplains deployed to the Nuba Mountains region. Nuba Mountains has been a hotspot for decades and is known for some of the most severe fighting in Sudan. The terrain is rugged and undeveloped so we developed a Camel Corp program to better enable chaplains to travel throughout the Nuba region.

To learn more, please visit their website at: FRMusa.org

Wes Bentley